Countrywide program with overall objective to enable people, partner organizations and community in general to access and utilize high quality solar energy technologies to accelerate productivity, consequentl growth of micro enterprises in rural and urban areas.

All solar products and services from micro domestic applied system to macro commercial solar system are available


Solar Energy Research and Development

In collaboration with green energy companies around the world, Must Lead conduct ongoing research which are customer focused and embracing innovations that contribute in sustainable development of mankind and her environment.

Over 413 solar systems have been installed to date countrywide, few are pictured below.


Solar Irrigation Pumps

We have strong and long hours working solar water pumps which can be used in any agricultural production. Water is vital for life and production however pumping water in off grid areas could be a challenge, Solar Mustlead support community to make this happen. Solar Water Pumps from SolarSmat are the best and renders high efficiency on irrigation or/and water for domestic/community pumping. One of cheapest yet recommend solar pump has a flow rate of 1200 per litres with total head of 9mtrs.

Stand alone

Solar home system from 10W panel to 2MW

Street Solar Light

Durable fair priced solar street light

Solar water heaters

Up to 150 letters, lowest capacity 80 litres.

Solar backup system

Up to 24 hours e.g. ATM machines, computer centers etc.

Solar Energy and Agriculture

Over 275 solar systems have been installed to date countrywide, few are pictured below.